Post It Note Planner Notebook

MAKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL Post-It Note Planner NOTEBOOK! With a notebook, post-it notes and tabs you can make an easy planner and to-do lists you can edit, toss or move from day-to-day!

Post It Note PlannerMAKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL Post-It Note Planner NOTEBOOK!

Everyone knows that ORGANIZATION is essential when trying to accomplish multiple tasks! We all want to be ORGANIZED! Being organized really does make things so much easier! So, why then, is it so hard to get started?

I LOVE to BE organized, I really do, but actually BEING organized seems to be the difficult part! Fancy, expensive tools don’t actually make getting there any easier… if anything it just adds to the stress because of the cost and thought involved!

We all have too many things we are trying to juggle, and SO many things we are trying to remember! Putting them down on paper will really alleviate some of the pressure. I find myself writing notes on Post-Its and leaving them all over my work desk…as I complete a task, I throw that Post-It away. This gives me a visual on what IS and IS NOT finished!

So, as an extension of that, I’ve discovered an INEXPENSIVE way to start getting all your tasks and planning in order AND be PORTABLE! The best part is, you can do it without spending much money at all!

To get organized, you will only need a few things. A notebook of your choosing (I like spiral because it lies flat when I’m writing…but whatever you like best is what you should get.); different color Post-It Notes (I like the tiny ones from the $1 store.); tab dividers (these are optional, but I highly recommend them); and a pen or two.

Post It Note Planner 2 Post It Note Planner shopping list:

  • Notebook (your preferred kind)
  • Mini Post-It Notes
  • Tab Dividers (optional) – or use post its and packing tape to attach to the pages
  • Pen/s

See? Not so bad… nothing a quick trip down the stationary aisle can’t take care of. Now, what to do next…

Post It note Planner with tabs In your spiral notebook, section off the categories you would like to organize. I chose “Kids, Sports, Groceries, Clients”. These are the areas I really need to keep track of! But this is where YOU need to decide what areas of your life you want to really get a handle on!

Now, open to a section you have labeled. Each time you have a new task that needs to be accomplished, write it down on a post-it note and place it on the left side. This way, it’s facing your own handwritten notes and is a clear reminder that this task is not yet done. Once you have completed the task, you can move it over to the right side, by OR over your notes, OR you can just pull it off and THROW IT AWAY!

Post it Note Planner

The GOAL here is to have an empty page by whatever deadline you have set. Once your LEFT side is empty you can move on to another subject.
Extra, blank post-it notes can be stored on the inside cover of the notebook for your next task.

And there you have it! An easy, inexpensive way to start getting ORGANIZED! Your own PERSONAL, POST-IT NOTE PLANNER NOTEBOOK! Carry on!

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