Easiest Bathtub Cleaning Ever!

EASIEST Bathtub Cleaning Ever with just two ingredients and less than 3 dollars. You won’t believe your eyes that this actually works!Cleaning Bathtub Collage

I heard about a super simple bathtub cleaning trick from another mom in the preschool mom’s group I’m in. This is by far the easiest bathtub cleaning ever.

I love hacks so when she said it was a super easy hack with just the super special and magical blue Dawn soap and that is was SO quick and easy, I just had to try it!

Blue Dawn Soap

The best part of the hack is I don’t even have to climb into the tub. Since we are using a broom instead of a hand scrubber, we can stand up away from the bath.

I actually even let the younger ones have some fun with this, they thought moving the broom around the tub to clean it was hilarious.


How to Clean your Bathtub Hack



First, Squirt the Dawn dish soap onto the bathtub.Dirty bathtubSecond, Scrub the bathtub down with the broom, using a fair amount of elbow grease.

Let soak for a couple of minutes, then give it a final scrub and rinse out the bathtub and the broom.

This hack was so crazy easy it almost felt like we have Mr. Clean Erasered all the grime from around the bathtub!

Clean bathtub

There’s no photoshop magic here, that blue dish soap actually cleaned all the grime without hardly any effort at all.

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