Meet our Team

Laurie Beth

Hey Y’all, I’m Laurie Beth! I’m a Mississippi native living in Los Angeles with my amazing husband and three littles! I have three year old boy/girl twins and a five year old boy. I spend most of my days cleaning, but when I am not cleaning, I’m on a new adventure finding the best Tacos, redoing a bedroom or just figuring out how to organize all our stuff!


Hi, my name is Nellie.  I’m a stay at home mom of two that is married to my best friend. I’m a minivan drivin’ and PTA volunteer.  Before kids, I was a massage therapist and a nanny for 6 years.  I love finding new ways to make life easier and less cluttered.


Sabrina is a Private Chef, Blogger, Mom and Foodie. Cooking for Clients, Family & Friends… mostly natural foods except when she need some deep fried amazingness in her life. Sabrina owns and operates Dinner, then Dessert.

The Blog

We were fortunate enough to become friends around the time our first borns were 6 months old through a mommy group. That friendship grew, as did our vehicles. We now have a total of 8 kids ranging from 6 months to 4 years old. We know how to throw a great party, organize a kids room, and entertain a couple dozen little ones. Which is why we love to share what we do with you!

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