7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips


7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy day to make life easier.

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

When you have children, keeping a clean house is nearly impossible.  Here are 7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that are quick and easy.  It’s our job as Moms to keep our sweet babies alive and happy.  We do whatever we can to make daily tasks easier so that we won’t go crazy by the end of the day.

Tip #1:  Use a top bed sheet underneath your children’s chair to help keep food and drink spills off your clean floor.  A sheet is easier and more efficient than buying the highchair floor protector because it’s much larger and easy to throw in the wash.

What you’ll need:  1 Large Top Bed Sheet (I like to use white because it’s easy to clean and can be bleached if needed).  You will be amazed at how much time you’ll save cleaning up all those spilled applesauce spoonfuls and pasta curls.  It’s like a bib for your floor.

7 Mommy Hacks to Keep a Clean House

Tip #2:  Keep kids from throwing their plate of food across the room with these easy to use suction plates and bowls.

What you’ll need:  Suction plates or bowls (we used the suction cup bowls, however I found that he was able to lift it if the bottom was wet, so make sure to dry well before suctioning).  Children love to play with food, let’s at least keep the plate on the table and not on the floor.  Here is another option for a Suction placemat.   I highly recommend the EZPZ Mini Happy Mat Placemat.


7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

Tip #3:  Buy a vacuum that does the job!!!  Not every vacuum is created equally.  Some push or blow the food or dirt around.  Stop making more work for yourself and have a machine that does the job right the first time.

What you’ll need: Bissell PowerEdge Hard Wood Floor Vacuum.  Stop getting on your hands and knees to clean up all those pesky spills.  Over the past 3 years, we have purchased 3 different vaccums, searching for one that thoroughly cleans and picks up dirt and food from those hard to reach areas.  This Bissel Hardwood Vaccuum leaves nothing behind with its  “V” shaped base, making it my new favorite appliance in our home.

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

Tip #4:  Create a place for everything.  Having good storage is key to keeping a clean house.  When your kids are able to easily put things away, it makes clean up much quicker with fewer fights.

What you’ll need:  Kids Storage Bins!  Try to keep life simple.  Less things equals less to pick up.   Need your living room to not look like a playroom?  Here’s a perfect solution.  These cute and stylish Storage bins will hide the toys beautifully.

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

Tip #5:  Refrigerator organizers are a quick and easy way to keep things clean without the struggle.  These keep everything in their place and you can pull the bins out to wipe down the shelves when needed.

What you’ll need: Refrigerator Organizers.   The dreaded cleaning of the refrigerator.   This no longer needs to be a headache.   When you have these organizers, not only does it make lunch making much easier, it also makes cleaning a breeze.   Simply take out the organizers and wipe surfaces down with a disposable disinfectant wipe… which leads me to Tip #6…

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

Tip #6:  Moms use baby wipes for just about everything; however, they don’t kill germs.  Use these Disinfectant wipes to clean just about any surface.   This makes cleaning only take seconds and then can be thrown away.

What you’ll need:  Disinfectant Wipes. I use these wipes for everything.  Clean the refrigerator, wipe down the bathroom, and use for easy cleanup of all counter tops and tables at the end of the day.  Just finished cold season?  Wipe down all the door knobs and light switches to alleviate germs.

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

Tip #7:  Babyproof the areas with non baby items that you don’t want to find all over the house.  As moms, we protect our littles from chemicals, glass and other things that can harm them.   However, we forget to babyproof cabinets or shelves of items that can make a huge mess.   Don’t add more work to your already busy life.

What you’ll need: Child Locks and Baby Gates.  Keeping those sweet hands out of the Tupperware cabinet or away from the DVDs can help tremendously.  Why spend 30 minutes a day running around the house picking up cups, bowls and DVDs when you could easily childproof those areas and use that time enjoying a cup of coffee.

Visit: Baby Proof your Entertainment Center.7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.

I hope these 7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips make your life easier.

7 Helpful House Cleaning Mommy Tips that you can apply to your busy days to make life easier.


  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    A large sheet or tarp is a MUST if your kids are doing anything messy in any capacity. Once I started doing that, things changed immensely on the cleaning front!

  • Bill Sweeney

    That baby gate idea is great! We did something very similar to this when my oldest was a toddler. She loved to get in and play with all the buttons and nobs on our entertainment system.

  • Kristen @ My 3 Little Kittens

    I personally speak the praises of the joy of baby gates. My kids are past that stage, but those baby gates did wonders for keeping things out of baby’s reach!

  • Jeanette

    Baby gates were my hero when my kiddos were young! Those keep little hands out of place they did not belong! I never thought about that sheet idea! I wish I did, what a great idea!

  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I need refrigerator organizers, ours is so small everything gets crammed in there. We had a dog that ate everything off the floor,it was amazing.

  • Lisa Favre

    I’ve heard so much about those suction plates and have suddenly been seeing them around everywhere. I think they are genius and can help any mommy in minimizing messes!

  • Jasmine

    So thankful that the kids are a bit grown up now. Cleaning is one of the things that can easily stress nursing mothers out.

  • Sarah

    These tips are great. For a “bib” for the floor, I use party table cloths purchased at the dollar store. They are colorful and you can hose them off. When they start to tear, I just throw it away and buy a new one. We don’t have kids over often, so they last a really long time, though my boyfriend spills more than visiting children do.

  • Heather

    Those are all great tips! I wish I had bowls with suction cups when my kids were little. Although the dogs loved sharing! I am feeling inspired to tackle the toy room.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I am rowingking on teaching my daughter about storing her toys. She constantly cannot find a certain toy because she didn’t put it away. Drives us both crazy!

  • Dawn Lopez

    It’s so much easier for kids to help clean up if there are bins handy. I also agree with using gates and play yards to restrict access to cupboards and other things. We’ve used play yards to help guard the Christmas tree from being UN-decorated for many years. 😉

    • Nellie Blazina

      Having a playard around the Christmas Tree is genius!!! Finding ways to keep kids hands away from things you don’t want them in, without having to say ‘please don’t touch that’ a Million times, is very helpful.

  • Toni | Boulder Locavore

    These are useful tips! I love all these ideas! I wish I’ve known these when my kids were so little!

  • Jennifer G

    Baby gates are seriously the best. I still use them to clean the kitchen to keep the dog out while I get it done. I have always liked to have a clean house to be honest. It drives me crazy to see mess and stresses me out. I have always involved the kids in cleaning too and they love to help out. Now they are 6 and 9 and SUPER helpful.

    • Nellie Blazina

      I’m right there with you. I feel like a happier person, mother and wife when our home is clean. And having easy ways to keep a clean house has been my mission since having our littles. Also, Having your kids help clean is the best!!! I agree.

  • Lena B

    I love these tips – I absolutely need this. Putting away non-baby friendly items away have been a huge thing!

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